Silly (Sounding) Plots That Are (Actually) Amazing

We've all done it. We've read the synopsis on the back or inside cover of a book and quickly put it back (maybe even with a raised eyebrow) because what we read sounded unappealing or just plain silly (and not the make you laugh kind of silly). In this series, we'll talk about titles you may have passed on but are more than worth a second look.

Early Young Adult: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

One word kept me from reading this series for months: cyborgs. 
Kudos if you enjoy reading about them, but I read the synopsis of the first book in this series of retellings, Cinder, and rolled my eyes. Heavily.

I'm so glad I gave in; I devoured this series. Not only does Meyer write about cyborgs in the best and most interesting way possible, but she does it in a way that makes us look at the real world in a different light, as good fiction should.

She also retells some of our favorite fairy tales in a fascinating future world (which is another reason I didn't pick up the series as long as I did, I find that it's hard to build future worlds that aren't crazy dystopian and I read enough of that, thank you). Each book in the series adds another perspective while building the same story line, which is difficult to do well, but Meyer excels with this format. This series has everything going for it: strong leading and supporting characters (both male and female), both romance and friendship, courage and power, technology, diplomacy and mind control.

A caveat: This is Young Adult, so there is a little content that isn't appropriate for a younger crowd. If that's something that worries you, you can avoid the bulk/worst of it by skipping Fairest (Lunar Chronicles 3.5). This book gives Queen Lavana's backstory, which makes you intermittently pity her and loathe her, but you won't miss out on too much of the plot.